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The Wellness Valley initiative aims to make the region of Romagna into the first and leading district in the world for Wellness expertise and quality of life. It draws inspiration from the local heritage: its people, its traditions, history, art, nature, food and wine.

The idea was launched publicly by Nerio Alessandri in 2002 and over the years it has met greater and greater approval leading to the development of many individual initiatives in a very short time, that have grown spontaneously and, together, give substance to the initial proposal.

The Wellness Valley project involves all the stakeholders and is based on placing all the excellence the territory is rich in, in a network , realizing innovative initiatives oriented towards constant improvement.
With two-ways benefits:

  • inwards: improvement of the quality of life of residents
  • outwards: increase of the attractiveness of the territory both for tourists and for extremely qualified and creative workers looking for welcoming and stimulating places

Every year the Wellness Foundation organizes a Workshop which aims to take stock of the results obtained and to set new goals for the future.

In this perspective Romagna wants to be a "laboratory" of good practice and excellence to be developed and later transferred to other territories in order to contribute and increase their competitiveness.






Wellness Valley celebrates the European Week of Sport (23-30 September 2017) with many events across the region!
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Media & Events

Wellness Congress
In Cesena the 20° Congress on Wellness as a social opportunity.
Keynote Speaker Bill Clinton.
Wellness Valley
TG2 Costume e Societa'

"Wellness Valley, district of Wellness" by Simona Burattini
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